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Basement Sewage Damage in Nassau County, NY

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Have you recently suffered from a sewage backup that caused significant damage to your basement? Whether it was due to flooding, a burst pipe, tree root damage, or any other reason, get in touch with the experts at our company specializing in basement sewage damage in Nassau County, NY. 

A burst pipe or backed up sewage line can be disastrous for your home, especially if you have a finished basement or store valuable equipment in the basement. In addition to causing severe water damage to your flooring, walls, and furniture, a sewage leak poses a hygienic risk to the inhabitants of your home. Reach out today to schedule emergency basement sewage cleanup with our team.

Get in Touch with Qualified and Affordable Contractors 

Any time you’re dealing with a sewage leak or burst pipe, it’s important to leave the basement sewage cleanup and repairs to a qualified plumbing professional like our team. We have the expertise and equipment needed to safely and completely clear your basement of sewage and moisture, and to repair the cause of the sewage leak. Get in touch with our company as soon as you discover a sewage leak or burst sewage line in your basement. We provide around-the-clock emergency service and free estimates to customers throughout the area.

Basement Sewage Damage

Common Causes of Basement Sewage Backup and Damage

Imagine waking up one morning to the unpleasant smell of sewage wafting up from your basement. There are a variety of reasons this situation may occur, and our company is able to handle all types of basement sewage repair. Sewage backups can occur for several reasons including:

• Sewage Line Blockage due to Tree Roots
• Undetected Blockage in City Sewage Main
  • Basement Flooding after Severe Weather
  • Old, Damaged, or Deteriorated Sewage Line

How to Prevent Sewer Backups in Your Home’s Basement

Nobody wants to deal with a sewage blockage or backup, but if this does occur, our company is here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best way to prevent costly damage to your basement and plumbing system is to make sure your sewer lines don’t back up in the first place. Prevent basement sewage damage by following these basic precautions:

  • Do Not Dispose of Grease in Drains
  • Dispose of Paper Products Properly
  • Replace Plumbing Lines on Time
  • Do Not Connect Unapproved Fixtures to Your Plumbing
  • Install a Backwater Prevention Valve

Contact us to schedule basement sewage damage repair with a skilled contractor. We’re proud to serve clients in Nassau County, New York, and surrounding areas including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Flushing, and White Plains.