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Mold Removal in Bronx NY

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Water damage isn't the only way for mold to infiltrate your Bronx property. Even the smallest amounts of moisture can lead to mold. All it takes is a dark, damp and warm place for mold to thrive. If you believe that you've begun to notice the warning signs of mold, such as a physical sighting or permeating scent, you should consult a restoration professional that offers mold removal.

In the Bronx, 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration NY provides property owners with efficient and affordable services that can reverse even the most serious signs of mold damage. We locate all areas of growth and help you prevent mold from returning to these spaces.

Bronx NY—Mold Removal Company

For the last 16 years, 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration NY has been providing its clients with professional mold removal in the Bronx. Our trained team is committed to ensuring that the inhabitants of any space, big or small, commercial or residential, are protected from the risks that mold can present in the Bronx.

Mold Infested Wall in Bronx NY

Mold Inspections for Bronx Residents

At 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration NY, we realize that mold growth can seem like a subtle form of damage. Small and inconvenient areas, such as crawlspaces and baseboards, can house extensive mold that may have gone undetected had you not consulted a professional. Our mold inspections for Bronx properties guarantee to uncover all signs of mold, ensuring that you and your family or employees don't suffer the negative effects of this damage, such as allergy and flu-like symptoms.

Effective Mold Prevention—Bronx NY - Manhattan NY - Queens NY

To get your money's worth out of mold removal, you must ensure that this growth doesn't reoccur in the near future. Here are few helpful tips on mold prevention for your Bronx home or office space:

  • Clean and Vacuum Rooms Regularly
  • Avoid Carpeting in Areas Susceptible to Moisture
  • Refrain from Storing Possible Mold Food Sources in Humid Areas
  • Repair Any Water Leaks as Fast as Possible
  • Use a Dehumidifier in Humid Spaces and Rooms
  • Clean Up Water Problems or Spills in Dark Spaces Quickly

Have you noticed the warning signs of mold growth in the Bronx within your building? To learn more about our commercial or residential Bronx mold remediation, contact 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration NY by filling out this convenient form.