When a fire strikes in Nassau County, its effects can ripple long after it has been extinguished. Not only are you left without a home, but also without a place to live your daily life. A fire not only damages the ventilation and electrical wiring, but it can also leave a residual smoke odor.

Smoke odor removal as part of our fire damage restoration

Finding a company that addresses every component of fire damage restoration can be tough, but you can count on 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration for smoke odor removal. The smoke, smoke odor, and soot damage may appear that a majority of your property is destroyed, but this is not always the case. We’re here to help address every level of fire damage, right down to the smoke odor. Let us help restore your home and leave it smelling fresher!

Puff back removal in Nassau County

Besides the smoke odor, soot can stick around and eventually cause permanent damage if it’s not addressed promptly. Soot is the oily and greasy film that coats surfaces after the fire has been contained. Puff back occurs in burners after they’re turned on for the first time following the fire, and backfires spreading soot throughout your home. With 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restorations, we will work diligently to clean and refurbish your items stained by soot and puff back so you don’t have to replace all of these items.

Fire Damage Restoration in Nassau County is not a time to do-it-yourself!

If you have soot and puff back damage, trying to save on restoration costs may cost you more money in the long run. We have professional tools and protocols in place to directly address all fire damage issues. So, let us remove all signs of soot and puff back damage in your Nassau County home!

If the soot and puff back damage is just too much, call us today for our fire damage restoration expertise in Nassau County.

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