Believe or not, flood and storm damage is quite common here in Nassau County. Being close to the Atlantic leaves us vulnerable to nor’easters bringing heavy wind and rain, impacting our homes! If you find your home has flooded due to a storm, contact us at 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration today!

It’s imperative to get a head start on flood and storm damage within the first 48 hours, after that window, the structural integrity is compromised and mold begins to spore — time is of the essence!

Why choose 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration in Nassau County?

With the influx of storms and the cleaning and restoration companies that pop up, we want to be your top pick!

We have elevated flood and storm equipment.

In Nassau County, you don’t want a company with sub-par equipment, you want a company with the best equipment! At 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration, we have the best equipment in the industry to address all your flood and storm woes, once. We’ll pump and vacuum up water damage and check the moisture levels to ensure mold will not grow and you can go back to daily life!

We are industry leaders in Nassau County.

At Property 24/7 Cleaning and Restoration, we have spent over 16 years in the industry so we have experience and time to boast. All of our flood and storm technicians are highly-trained to expertly address your home’s condition and treat it with the right protocols and equipment.

Don’t leave one of your biggest investments to just any company, instead, leave it to us and we’ll not only complete the job efficiently and timely but we’ll offer a competitive rate to protect your wallet!

Together we can weather any storm — and storm cleanup!

Call us today for flood and storm damage restoration!