The concerning part of being a homeowner is when disaster hits. It can be in the form of a destructive Huntington Nor’easter or hurricane, or an electrical fire that was accidental. When you face property damage call 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration to restore your home to its pre-damaged state.

Cleanup and Restoration Services – Huntington

Huntington Water Damage – Water damage can be minor in which it only needs a drying, or it can be more extensive and require more cleanup and restoration work. At 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration, we’re here for any water damage job no matter how big or small. Don’t wait or cause further damage, call us today!

Huntington Fire Damage – It’s hard to imagine the destruction that a home fire can have. No one knows what to do in the aftermath of a fire because it’s simply not knowledge we lean on, until we need to. It’s important to respond quickly — within 24- to 48-hours — after the fire damage has occured. An acidic soot and smoke damage is produced when fires are put out and continues to corrode the property well after. Give us a call as soon as things calm down, so we can get in and restore your home to its pre-fire condition.

Huntington Mold Removal – Mold is insidious — you may think you’ve cleaned it up and then it’s back! Mold is also highly destructive to the materials it grows on causing structural damage, and also health issues to those exposed. Get your mold infestation taken care of once and for all with 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration.

Huntington Sewage Removal

Huntington Basement Water Damage

If you reside in the Huntington area and are in need of property cleanup for fire, water, or mold damage, 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration will work efficiently and effectively to get you back in and back to your daily routine.

Call us today for property cleanup in Huntington!