At 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration, we handle insurance claims to help ease some of the things you have to get done after a catastrophe has occurred, in addition to providing direct insurance billing for all insurance companies. If you have recently had water, fire, or mold damage to your home, call our skilled and knowledgeable team for cleanup and restoration services.

Cleanup and Restoration Services – Northport

Water Damage – Most people like to keep their swimming pools outdoors, and although your children may bust out the pool toys for the standing water in the basement, it’s no time to take a dip! Standing water contains dangerous pathogens that can harm your family’s health, and leaving it sit for too long creates even more damage. Avoid compromising the structural integrity of walls and flooring and stop mold in its tracks when you call us for our water extraction services.

Fire Damage – When your belongings are lost in a fire it can be gut-wrenching and hard to recover. At 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration, we are the leader in cleanup and restoration services. We utilize skilled techniques to address smoke and smoke odor, puffback, and soot damage that coats surfaces in an oily, black residue. We are highly trained to quell the most difficult fire damage.

Mold Damage – When you spot mold, sometimes it feels like it appears overnight! If you see mold, it’s likely been haunting your air for a while now. Mold spores in humid and damp environments — wherever moisture is, mold will be! To completely free yourself from mold damage, you’ll need to control the moisture levels. Call us today to come in for mold removal, and we’ll set things right again!

If you’re ready to spend a night in your home free from water, fire, and mold damage, call us today for our effective and customer-vetted services!