Property damage resulting from either a major Southampton storm or an accident can leave you devastated. Between trying to clean things up and dealing with the emotional aftermath, it’s hard to clear your head and get all of your ducks in a row. If you’ve recently experienced any water, fire, or mold damage on your property, 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration is here to lend a hand.

At 24/7 Property Cleaning and Restoration, we work around the clock with our 24-hour services for emergency disaster relief and cleanup. We’ve been serving the New York and New Jersey areas for over 17 years, and we want to help restore your home back to what it was.

southamptonpicSouthampton Water Damage – Southampton Nor’Easters bring the worst in flooding. The water damage can leave standing water in your basement and walls can seep up water like a sponge. If the flooding is the result of burst pipes or a faulty hot water heater, not only can your belongings be ruined, but it can leave structural damage as well. We’re here to get the water cleaned up in the “golden hour” — within the first 48 hours, before mold spores. For fast and effective water damage cleanup in Southampton, give us a call today.

Southampton Fire Damage – Whether it’s electrical or caused by a weather disaster, fire damage can cause considerable damage to your home. Not only is your home left with soot, puffback, and smoke damage, but it can also have a heavy smoke odor, and there may be water damage left from those who fought the flames. We’re here for all your fire damage cleanup and restoration. Call today!

Southampton Mold Removal – When your home is flooded or excess moisture is present, mold will spore within 48 hours. Mold is insidious because it can not only hurt your health, but also damage the structural integrity of wherever it grows. Call us for expert and complete mold remediation.

Southampton Sewage Removal

Southampton Basement Water Damage

If you’re a Southampton resident and face water damage, fire damage, or mold concerns, connect with us at 24/7 Cleaning and Restoration for effective and efficient cleanup and restoration services.